RogueWave Sold Boats
Some of the many boats we have sold

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services is proud of its track record! We've had the opportunity to sell over 650 yachts totaling more than 150 million dollars in our ten year history. Here is a brief sample of the types of yachts we love to sell and have sold.

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Here at RogueWave Yacht Sales, we strongly believe in quality over quantity. It doesn’t matter if she’s 25 feet long or 65 feet. It boils down to how she is designed, built and how she is maintained. We’ll tell you the truth, even if it hurts.

To put things into perspective for the Buyer or the Seller, there are almost 150 licensed Yacht Brokerage Firms operating in the State of Maryland. Consistently for the last ten years, RogueWave Yacht Sales each and every year, has represented almost 7 percent of the total sales of the used sailboat market and have consistently sold fifteen percent of the most expensive sailing yachts ever sold in Maryland. Not bad for a two person firm. Once again, it all comes down to quality over quantity. Experience counts.