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Some of our favorite and most useful websites

We've updated our useful websites and their links. There's weather, yacht design, marine supplies, and just plain good old information related, which we use on a daily basis. And of course, some wild and crazy links to get you going!

RogueWave Favorites

Marine Weather:
National Weather Service provides all we have! Thank you!!

Our Favorite Designers

Robert H. Perry:
Chuck Paine:
German Frers:
Lyle Hess:

Our Favorite Boat Builders

Valiant Yachts, and we are a dealer for Valiant!:
Morris Yachts:
Sam L. Morse (closed):
Lyman Morse Custom Maine Boat Builders:
Hallberg Rassy Yachts:

Our Favorite Cruisers and Heroes' Blogs

The Adams Family, we got them the boat for circumnavigation:
Lin and Larry Pardey are icons of cruising and legends in their own time. Go buy a few books from them at:
Tom and Amanda Neal on the HR46 Mahina Tiare III are amazing!
Beth Leonard and Evans Stargazer aboard the sailing vessel Hawk:


Bristol Channel Cutter in Cruising World
NorSea 27 in Sailing Magazine
Valiant 40 Review
Valiant 50 Review


People are always asking us about shipping. If you buy a boat from us you have no worries.

Resources: Great Place to Buy Stuff

Blue Water Books and Charts:
Landfall Navigation - Great Stuff!
Defender Discount Marine Supplies:
Sailing Instruction - great folks we recommend:
Annapolis Performance Sailing - great sailing clothing and stuff:

Crazy Hasler wind vane steering... Did you ever wonder when and how?

Surveyors: Call Us for the Best Surveyors in Each Location

SAMS (Marine Surveyors):
International Association of Marine Surveyors:

Sailing Communities: Places to Hang Out

Cruising World Magazine:
Seven Seas Cruising Association:

We would never tell you to go to Sailing Anarchy... it is anarchy

Magazines We Love!

Good Old Boat, our love of good old boats:
Blue Water Sailing, our sister sailing brethren and cool folk:
Cruising World, an old friend:
Ocean Navigator, we love Ocean Navigator:
Maine Boats, we salute the real thing!:
Spinsheet, Mid Atlantic Local Rag!:
Southwinds Magazine, our favorite in the SE US:

We hope that this information will be useful to you.